Which 'American Idol' Contestant Is Treating the Show Like 'The Hunger Games'

City Year Los Angeles' Spring Break: Destination EducationAmerican Idol doesn’t have much in common with The Hunger Games except that both pit young people against each other in a contest where only one can emerge victorious while garnering the favor of the public watching at home. Well okay, so they have a few things in common, but no one is getting stabbed, shot with arrows, or stung by mutant wasps on American Idol (yet). But apparently one contestant is treating the show like it is a life-and-death battle to be the ultimate survivor, at least according to Lazaro Arbos.

Lazaro, who’s clearly still harboring some resentment over his elimination, told ABC Radio that one of the remaining contestants is a little overzealous about winning the singing competition.

“I’m not gonna say names and I don’t wanna sound rude,” he said. “But I think that one woman in particular is cra-a-a-a-z-y and she wants to win!” He wouldn’t say who, but added: “She thinks that we’re in The Hunger Games and she’s fighting for her life.”

So the question is: Who do you think he’s talking about? Vote Below.

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Which 'American Idol' Contestant Is Treating the Show Like 'The Hunger Games'
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results

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