Wasps sting students, staff at Marana school

Students and staff at a Marana school were stung Tuesday morning when a wasp nest was disturbed.

Two children and one staff member were stung while students played outside at Butterfield Elementary School, 3400 W. Massingale Road, in Marana, Laura Haladay, spokeswoman for the Mountain Vista Fire District, said in a news release.

Firefighters foamed the wasps and secured the area. Exterminators were called to remove the nest, said Haladay, who offered tips to avoid attracting wasps, hornets or other insects:

  • Avoid wearing bright colors when outside.
  • Don’t wear perfumes, colognes or other strong scents.
  •  Wear closed shoes.
  •  If a wasp or hornet comes near, try to remain still until it leaves.
  •  Don’t play or picnic near trashcans or other areas that might attract insects.
  •  Avoid leaving sugary drinks unattended and, when possible, use containers that can be closed.
  •  If drinking out of a can, cover the opening to keep out insects.
  •  Never approach a wasp or hornet nest.
  •  If a homeowner finds a nest in his or her yard, either contact a professional 
exterminator or wait until evening before attempting to remove it.

Wasps sting students, staff at Marana school
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results

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