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Destroying wasps nests 7 days a week for £45.00

Never {try to|attempt to|seek to|make an attempt to} {deal with|handle|manage|contend with} a wasps nest yourself!

Manchester wasps’ nest control 0161 930 8814 specialises in {destroying|eliminating|eradicating|removing} Wasps’ Nests in the Manchester area and is often {able to|in a position to|in the position to} {offer a|provide a|give you a|offer you a|provide you with a} {same day|one day} service. We can always be emailed at [email protected] {but for|however for|however, for} {a more|a far more|an even more|a much more|a lot more} {rapid|speedy} service please {phone|telephone|call} us. {If you need a|Should you prefer a|If you want a|Should you need a|If you require a} wasps’ nest {destroying|eliminating|eradicating|removing} {quickly|rapidly|immediately|rather quickly|without delay|as soon as possible} {we are|we’re|we’ll be} {the right|the best|the ideal|the perfect|the most suitable} {company|business|firm|supplier} {for you|to suit your needs|for your needs}.

Our {prices are|costs are|price is|cost is|pricing is|charges are|fees are} {fixed|set|preset} at £45.00 and we still {provide the|supply the|give you the|provide you with the|deliver the|supply you with the} same {great|excellent|fantastic|terrific|outstanding} {service|services} and {guarantee|warranty|}, {and we are|and we’re} still {far better|much better|significantly better|a lot better} value {than the|compared to|compared to the|versus the|in comparison to the|when compared to the} local authority. Plus, {we can|we are able to|we can easily|we’re able to} {destroy|eradicate|get rid of} your nest {in the evening|at night|later in the day} {after you|when you|whenever you} finish work or at {weekends|week-ends|the weekends} and there will be no {extra|added|increased|excess|supplementary} {charge|fee|payment}.

Manchester wasps’ nest control {will supply|will provide} a fully {trained|qualified|competent} and insured {professional|expert|specialist} technician {to treat|to deal with|to take care of|to manage|to remedy|to attend to} your wasps’ nest {or other|or any other|as well as other|along with other} {pest control|pest management} {problems|issues|difficulties|concerns|situations} and to {advise you|give you advice|give you advice on} on {aftercare|after care}. {All our|All of our} work is fully guaranteed and on the very rare {occasions|instances} where {we don’t|we do not} get the nest {first time|first-time} {we will|we’ll|we shall} call back {free of charge|cost-free|at no cost|absolutely free|free of cost|without charge|totally free of charge}.

Although some {domestic|household|home-based|residential} {pests|infestations|pest infestations} {can be|may be} {eliminated|removed|eradicated} with DIY {products|solutions|treatments}, {do not try|don’t try|don’t attempt|do not attempt} to {get rid of|eliminate|remove|eradicate|dispose of|clear away|take care of} a wasp nest yourself, {it is extremely|it is very|it is quite|it’s very|this can be very|it is especially|it’s extremely} {dangerous|hazardous|perilous|high risk} {and you may|and you might|and you could|and you can} {possibly|perhaps|quite possibly|maybe|potentially} {sustain|endure|experience|suffer} many stings as wasps {are extremely|are incredibly|can be extremely|are exceedingly|can be really|tend to be} {protective|defensive} {of their|about their} nests.

{Once the|When the|After the|As soon as the} colony has been {killed|wiped out|destroyed|eliminated|eradicated}, the nest {poses|presents|creates|offers} no risk {and should|and can} {stay in|remain in} place.

People {frequently|often|regularly|commonly|routinely} ask Manchester wasps’ nest control to get rid of a wasps nest or remove a wasps nest. {Physically|Actually|Literally} {removing|taking away|extracting} a wasps nest, is in practice neither {necessary|important|appropriate|recommended} nor desirable. Our {technician|specialist|expert} will {inject|insert} {a small amount of|a tiny bit of|a tiny amount of} insecticide {into the|within the|inside the|straight into the|directly into the} {entrance|entry} of the nest, then the returning workers will {carry it|take it} into the nest with them and the {entire|whole|complete} colony will die {within a|inside a|inside of a} couple of hours.

Pest Controllers {do not|don’t|usually do not|will not|never|do not ever} remove a wasp nest, even on the {very rare|uncommon} {occasions when|times when} it {would be|might be} {possible|feasible}, {since it is|as it is|because it is|because it’s} {necessary to|essential to|important to} {leave it|let it rest|let it stay} {in place|in its place} for the returning workers {to enter|to go in}.

The nest {itself is|is} {just|simply|merely|simply just} paper {and will|and will eventually} crumble away. A wasp nest {lasts for|will last for} {one year|one full year|1 year} only {and is|and it is|and it’s} never re-used.

{There are some|There are several|There are a few} issues when {dealing with|coping with|handling|getting rid of} nests later in {the year|the season} {which may|which might|which can|that might|which could} {require a|need a|call for a} different {process|procedure|method|approach|technique}. If {you discover|you find|you notice} that {you have a|you’ve got a|there is a} nest {later than|after} mid-September {then we|we then} {suggest that|advise that|recommend that} you read our page Dealing With Late Season Wasps Nests.

If you think that you {have a|have got a} wasp nest on your {property|home|property or home|building}, check our Wasps or Bees? page to be certain and to save yourself a callout charge, then call today.

You {may not|might not|may well not|won’t|will not} even {have to|need to} {wait in|stay at home} for us! {You are able to|It is possible to|You could|You can actually} pay {in advance|ahead of time|beforehand|upfront} {using the|utilizing the|making use of the|making use of} buttons {to the right|off to the right|on the right} {of any|of the|from any} page, {tell us|inform us|let us know} where you {have seen|have observed|have noticed} the wasps flying and arrange for us {to access|to gain access to} {the outside|the exterior} of {your property|your home|your premises|your house}.

While you await our technician’s visit, have {a look at|a glance at|a peek at|a quick look at} our Wasps Nest Dos and Don’ts page and {find out|discover|learn} {how to|how you can|the way to|the best way to} help us help you.

The {terrible|horrible|dreadful|horrendous} summer of 2012 in Britain saw many wasps’ nests die from {starvation|hunger|malnourishment|undernourishment} {due to the fact|because of the fact|for the reason that} that the wasps {could not|couldn’t|could hardly|were not able to|weren’t able to} get out to feed {because of the|due to the|as a result of} rain.

The nests which did {survive|make it through|make it|pull through|stay alive} were very {late|overdue|delayed} in {producing|creating|generating|making|developing|delivering} queens and we were still seeing live nests well into November.

Because of the wet weather, {combined with the|together with the|in addition to the} summer of sport {many people|lots of people|a lot of people|a number of people} simply {failed to|didn’t|did not} {spot the|see the} fact that they had a wasp’s nest, {after all|of course|naturally|not surprisingly} it {was not|wasn’t} {a good|a great|a very good} summer for outdoor {activities|pursuits|hobbies|tasks|pastimes}.

This {meant that|resulted in} many nests {which would|which might|that would} {normally have|as a rule have|typically have} been {destroyed|eliminated|wiped out} were {allowed to|permitted to|able to} go full term {and produce|and create} their queens, about 200 per nest {on average|typically|normally}.

If we have a mild spring and a {good|respectable|reasonable} {start to|beginning to} the summer {this may|this might|this could|this will likely|it might} mean that {there will be|there’ll be|you’ll encounter|you will encounter} {many more|a lot more|lot’s more|a good many more} wasps’ nests in the summer of 2013.

Another {unusual|uncommon|strange|unconventional|abnormal|odd} feature of the summer of 2012 was that for {the first time|the very first time} ever in the North West {we were|we have been|we’ve been} called out to a hornets’ nest. Hornets (Vespa crabro) {are usually|are generally|are typically|are normally|are commonly} only {found in|present in|seen in|located in|discovered in} southern Britain and about as far north as the southern midlands so it was an {unusual|abnormal|uncommon|peculiar} call-out indeed.

{Contrary to|As opposed to|In contrast to|Distinct from} northern urban myth hornets {are much|are far|are a lot} {larger than|bigger than} wasps, hornet queens can be up to two inches long. It {is common|is normal} {for people|for individuals} to mistake wasp queens for hornets later in the season, but hornets {are much|are a lot|tend to be|are generally} larger even than wasp queens.

European Hornet

European Hornet

Unlike {all our|all of our} {native|indigenous|natural} wasp species hornets fly {at night|during the night|through the night|at nighttime} {and can|and may|and might} give a nasty {surprise|shock} on a warm summer’s evening {when you have|if you have|when you’ve got|for those who have|should you have} the windows open and the light on, especially for more northern folk who aren’t used to seeing them.

A useful check {to carry out|to undertake|to perform|to complete} in summer is to wait for a hot, sunny day in mid-July and walk {all around|all-around|all round} {your house|your home|your property|your residence} looking up and down, in air-bricks and chimneys etc and if {you have a|there is a|you’ve got a|you do have a} wasp’s nest you will {clearly|plainly|certainly} see wasps coming and going at an {alarming|worrying|disconcerting|surprising} rate. Ring us then {before the|ahead of the|prior to when the} queens emerge in mid-September and {you will|you’ll} {break|break up} the breeding cycle.

Just {a word|one word} of {caution|care}, ‘wasps’ in chimney stacks often {turn out to be|end up being|prove to be} honeybees. {If you see|If you notice|When you see} comings and goings from the chimney DO NOT light {the fire|the fireplace|the hearth}, {call us|give us a call|contact us|phone us|ring us}.

If you have a problem with other pests such as ants, fleas or bedbugs follow the links for {more information|more details|additional information|further information} or call today for advice.

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