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Wirral Wasp Nests Removal £65.00

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Wirral Wasp Nest Control 0151 471 8660 are a nearby Wasp Nests Control company dealing with wasp nests and bees all over the Wirral and Ellesmere Port seven days per week during the wasps and bees season.

We deal with wasp nests in Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bebington, Heswall, Parkgate, Greasby, Frankby, Moreton, Hoylake, Neston, Port Sunlight, Ellesmere Port and West Kirby and the whole of the Wirral.

We charge £65.00 to deal with wasps on the Wirral and £75.00 to deal with bees as they are rather more complicated. When we encounter honey bee swarms we will endeavour to get them collected by a professional beekeeper who will rehome them in a hive without harming them.

If you are elderly or live alone we are CRB checked and a certificate is available to view on site, just ask the technician.

Wirral Borough Council are quoting a fee of £91 to deal with a wasp nest at the time of writing. Our fee of £65.00 therefore represents a very considerable saving on the Council price. Price taken from Wirral Borough Council website on 20th Feb 2022.

The Wirral is an ideal area for wasps, being largely rural with lots of trees, which is what wasps mostly feed on as they eat aphids, caterpillars and all manner of bugs.

They do quite a lot of natural pest control in the garden as they feed these bugs to their young. The problem of course is that when they nest on your property it can be quite dangerous/

What Do You Charge?

Wirral Wasp Nest
Wirral Wasp Nest

Our fixed price for dealing with a wasp nest on the Wirral is just £65.00 and we work weekends, including Bank Holidays at no extra charge. The only time we would ever charge more is if access equipment such as a cherry picker is needed.

Wirral Wasp Nests Control do business 7 days per week, April – October. This includes bank holidays. We cover the whole of the Wirral, Liverpool and the rest of Merseyside.

Do You Need Ladders?

We do not carry ladders and are not allowed to use ladders other than short step-ladders. We use telescopic extension lances. This gives us a reach of around 10 meters (33 feet). This is more than adequate for most domestic properties.

If the entrance to the wasp nest is above gutter height and not visible from the ground please inform us when you phone. For nests high on rooftops, in roof valleys etc it may be necessary to send a two man climbing team at increased cost.

This satisfies our obligations under Working at Heights regulations and is safer for you and our operatives.

Seasonal Update Today is Monday, May, 22nd 2023.

Seasonal Update About Wasps



What is The Tree Bumblebee – A New Visitor?

We now have got the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum) in the Wirral

The Tree Bumblebee - Tree Bee - White-Tailed bumblebee - Bird Box Bee - Russian Bee
The Tree Bumblebee

area. Despite the fact that we seek not to hurt bees, this type is unsafe when nesting low down in your garden or on the structure of your building.

Wirral Wasp Control do not normally want to kill bees however this bee is dangerous when nesting in the area of people.

In particular little children and pets. Its distinctive markings, black body, the orange thorax and white rear end, make it simple to pick out. We advocate ringing a pest controller right away you suspect you may possibly have a wasp nest.

In the interim keep away as this bee can and will sting. If you are uncertain on about identification then please go to our Wasps and bees site.

If you are calling regarding a wasps’ nest on the Wirral in spring between April – July please visit our Seasonal Chart Page. This will ensure that you actually do have a wasp nest, not harmless solitary bees. This may save you a callout charge.

How Do I Identify What I have got?

Pests are often mis-identified by customers. If you have any doubt take a really good digital picture of it and email it to us or send it to us using the WhatsApp button at the bottom left of this page.

We will let you know what it is and what measures need to be undertaken, if any. Please do not forget to put your phone number in the email so we can ring you.

We apply only pesticides approved under existing regulations. We will always use the most reliable services and products available, relevant to the task.

Wirral Wasp Nests Control will always advise you if any actions need to be undertaken to ensure the safety of all people involved. We will always get the job done within the bounds of regulations in force at the time.

What Pests Are Common?

Wirral Wasp Nest
We Don’t Need Ladders

Wasp Nests

We eradicate wasp nests in the summer time for a fixed price of just £65.00. We will never request more to destroy a wasps’ nest except in cases where specialist access apparatus such as a cherry-picker or scaffolding is necessary to get to the nest

However, once we get much beyond mid-September we are working with what we call a late season wasp nest, and this may need additional work to make things safe for you. Please click the link for full details.

We try and contend with wasp nests from the exterior of the building whenever practical. We use long lances in the place of ladders. This is safer for all involved.

PLEASE do NOT attempt to close or block the wasp nest entrance with mastic or mortar etc. You risk driving the wasps into the house. When we arrive we need the entrance to be open so as to perform the treatment.

If you call us out to a nest where you have sealed the entrance we may charge you extra. Tell us on the phone if you have sealed the entrance.

What Do You Actually Do?

Our contractor will arrive by scheduled appointment. He will inject a little bit of powdered wasp killer into the entrance to the wasp nest. The returning wasps will transport it into the core of the nest. Within an hour all of the wasps will be dead.

Providing we can access the wasp nest from the outside of the property you do not even have got to wait in. We offer a number of payment options if you are not going to be home.

We will then destroy the nest when you are out so please keep unlocked any gates we might need to go through.

If you know of any difficulties which you are aware of that might hinder the treatment. This would include presence of bats. Please mention this when you call us initially.

How To Remove A Wasp Nest?

1) Make sure that they are wasps and not bees, lots of people confuse them.

2) Keep well away from the nest.

3) Do not block the entrance hole, you will make the job a lot worse and possibly fill your house with Wasps.

4) Do not leave the nest to live into September, the queens are produced then.

5) Call Wirral Pest Control on 0151 471 8660 for a professional treatment at just £65.00.

6) Keep pets and children well away.

7) Close any windows near the nest and advise the neighbours to do the same.

How Do I Deal With Black Or Garden Ants?

Interior Ants are a leading pest on the Wirral in spring and summer months. Lots of people will understand the fear of flying ants rising into their households and dread the the summer season for this reason.

However, we are nowadays substantially better prepared to take care of ants than we were even a handful of years ago. We can now with full confidence offer a one year warranty on ant jobs in nearly all situations.

The procedure is very simple, makes no mess, has no smell and is safe for everyone involved.

Don’t spend money on ant dusts and ant gels when we can fix your indoor ant infestation at a modest rate and offer you a one year warranty in the bargain.

What About Cat Or Dog Fleas ?

Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are proving to be more bothersome in the Wirral Pest Control area. We are getting an increasing number of telephone calls from people who regularly treat their dogs and cats and nevertheless are still suffering flea infestations in their houses.

This may be that populations of cat fleas and dog fleas are starting to be impervious to the active ingredients in the flea treatments available to the general public.

The spread of these fleas is also brought about by the increase in the presence of city foxes in many locations.

It is important to deal with a cat flea or a dog flea infestation as they can result in significant problems, particularly for youngsters as they can carry and pass on tapeworms.




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