Wasps bother tourists – Ceylon Daily News

Wasps bother tourists

A group of tourists were injured when they were stung by a swarm of
wasps near the lion’s paw in Sigiriya, yesterday.

Ten of the wounded, including eight foreigners, and a tourist guide
were admitted to the Kimbissa Hospital. Strong winds are reported to
have disrupted the wasp nests.

This is the fifth wasp attack in the last five months and around 150
persons were injured from wasp attacks.

The wasps, provoked by intense noise caused by the visitors, or
strong winds, attack visitors. Protective garments are provided for
tourists who climb the giant lion’s paw in Sigiriya.

Sigiriya Police led by OIC Raja Weerasekara conducted investigations.
Meanwhile , a group of tea pluckers in the Norwood area have also been
hospitalized following a wasp attack yesterday .

Twelve females were injured when a wasp nest in a tea bush was
accidentally disrupted by the tea puckers, it is reported.

Eight of the injured tea pluckers were admitted to the Hatton
District Hospital, while no serious injuries are reported.

Wasps bother tourists – Ceylon Daily News
wasp nest – Google News
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