Wasp population boom in the city – CTV News

A pest population boom in Calgary has exterminators working overtime to control unwelcome visitors to backyard parties this summer.

Conrad Mueller with Absolute Pest Control says that he has no lack of work and it’s been years since he’s seen this many wasp and hornet nests.

Because a mild winter wasn’t enough to kill off excess queens, the conditions are perfect for the insects.

Mueller says on average he dealt with five or six nests all summer, but now it’s up to five nests a day.

He adds that the nests have been big and small, and even hard to get at because of being stuck in the eaves of some houses and under porches.

Some of the nests that crews have encountered have contained 10,000 insects.

James Borrow with the city’s Pest Management System says the time of year also plays into how many wasps are flying around.

“Wasps and hornets are hunters so they’re out hunting for food.”

Borrow says that now the food is scarce so they are out looking for diminishing supplies in the area.

He says that if you come across a nest, you should give it a wide berth and call in an exterminator if the nests are close to a commonly used area.

Wasp population boom in the city – CTV News
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