Wasp Nest Dos and Don’ts

Professional treatment of a wasps nest is a simple and quick procedure…

                          …so long as you follow a few simple rules!

Before we arrive:


1) Keep pets and children away from the wasps. Lock dogs indoors when we arrive.
2) Close any windows the wasps might enter the house through.
3) Advise any affected neighbours to do likewise.
4) Cover any fishponds.
5) Find any keys which may be necessary to get to the nest, opening a side gate is always better than trying to get our equipment through the house.
6) Our credit card readers rely on a mobile phone signal. If you want to pay by card but live in an area of poor reception please advise us in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.


1) Approach the nest.
2) Disturb the nest in any way or attempt to deal with it yourself, this can make our job more difficult and time-consuming.
3) Attempt to block the hole the wasps are using to go in and out, you will trap them on the inside and force them into your house!

While we are with you:

The nest treatment will not take long and we will be busy. Please open any gates and move bins etc. that will be in our way, locate any keys prior to our arrival and have your payment ready.

If you delay our technician, other people may not receive their visit. We reserve the right to charge for waiting time in some situations.

Please take your children indoors.

After treatment:


1) Keep windows closed and avoid the area of the nest for two hours following our call. The wasps will form a small angry swarm to defend their nest in the first little while.
2) Read and keep the information in the receipt our technician will leave with you.
3) Sweep up any dead wasps on the ground after the two hours has passed, especially if you have pets or small children.


1) Remove the nest. It is completely harmless and will disintegrate over time, however it must remain in place. Firstly, to kill those wasps out foraging for food and secondly to kill any larvae about to hatch. If the nest must be removed, wait at least three weeks and preferably until after the first hard frost of the winter.
2) Lose our receipt. If we have not completely killed the wasp colony we will revisit free of charge, so long as you have followed our advice. In order to call us back you will need to refer to the receipt for the web address of our customer callback queue. We are unable to process callbacks by phone and will refer you back to your receipt if you call us.
3) Call us back unless you can see healthy wasps entering and leaving from the same spot. You may find a few dead and dying wasps in the house for severak weeks after a treatment, this cannot be helped and won’t last long.

Please note that these dos and don’ts are important to ensure our guarantee to revisit free of charge. If any of the above advice is disregarded we reserve the right to charge a callout fee to reattend.