Video lunch: Death for the ‘environmentally sensitive’ – Beaumont Enterprise (blog)

Are you one of those environmentally conscientious types? The kind that wouldn’t even stomp a nasty Texas-sized cockroach? Or spray a wasp nest with poisonous chemicals?

Then Terry Ward is your new best friend. Especially after you’ve done drawin’ that last breath asked, “Is that all there is?“, and gave up the ghost. Normally you might think a land developer an anathema to the tree huggin’ se,t but this guy isn’t going to pave it over. He’s going to set it aside for “natural burials”.

Yes, soon Southeast Texans can be disposed of into that cold “gumbo mud” and left to Mother Nature’s devices and creepy-crawly little creatures.  All without the inhibitors of embalming fluid, metal caskets, and concrete vaults to keep you from becoming compost and feeding the good Earth.

Video lunch: Death for the ‘environmentally sensitive’ – Beaumont Enterprise (blog)
wasp nest – Google News
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