Several students stung by wasps at elementary school


Recess on the playground had to be cancelled at Missouri City Elementary School after several students were stung by wasps.

According to Fort Bend ISD officials, several fifth graders were stung Friday, while on the playground at Jan Schiff Elementary School.

The insects had built a nest underneath a wooden bench where the children play.

In a letter sent home to parents, principal Mary Brewster wrote:

“The students were immediately sent to the nurse by teachers on duty. Fortunately, none of them were allergic to stings.  An emergency work order was placed with the Fort Bend ISD Facilities Department to address the insects and parents were contacted that afternoon. A small wasp hive was removed from the playground over the weekend and no other sightings were found.”

Brewster added that school staff would continue to monitor the area to keep the students safe.

“It’s Mother Nature,” one parent said. “You can’t blame the school. They took care of the issue when they found that. That’s what a responsible school would do.”

Several students stung by wasps at elementary school
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results

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