Our Terms

Terms and Conditions of Harrier Pest Prevention/The Wasp Man

General advice:

Before we arrive

To help us to help you and to ensure the smooth running of the work, a few simple courtesies will make all our lives much easier.

A)     Please be at home at the appointed time, have the means of payment ready, don’t wait until we are ready to leave before starting a wallet hunt or going to the cashpoint. We accept Cash, Credit and Debit cards and Cheques if we like the cut of your jib!

B)      Find any necessary keys, open any doors or gates and lock dogs away BEFORE we arrive, oh…and if you have a dog, please keep it away from our technician and clean up the minefield before we arrive. We’ll mostly be looking upwards and not where we are putting our feet.
It’s not that we don’t like dogs but they are a trip hazard and we are going to be using pesticides and safety is paramount. Both ours and your dog’s.
Also if you have a fishpond in close proximity to the nest please cover it BEFORE we arrive, the pesticide should not be allowed to blow into it.

C)      Appreciate that we may be very busy, especially in the summer months. Please do not delay our technicians unnecessarily.

D)     If we give you an appointment slot of say between 2 -5pm please do not ring us at 2.05pm to ask where we are. If we are going to be more than a few minutes late we will ring you. Also we cannot give you a more exact time than the allocated time slot, our day changes all the time.

Don’t invalidate your guarantee:

All our work is guaranteed. If we do not solve your problem on the first visit, we will reattend free of charge, subject to the following conditions.

  • The problem has not been exacerbated before we arrive. if you have previously attempted to eradicate a pest problem yourself and this has caused difficulty for our technician (blocking up the entrances to wasps’ nests for example) the technician will advise you that the work cannot be guaranteed and offer you the opportunity to go ahead on that basis. This will also be recorded on our receipt.
  • Our aftercare advice is followed. If we ask you to refrain from disturbing a wasps’ nest, or not to add new pesticides to an ant treatment area, etc. we reserve the right to refuse to retreat free of charge if you disregard our instructions.
  • You retain the receipt and any aftercare information left with you by out technician and use the information in it to call us back. Our technicians cannot be expected to remember every job they attend, and we are frequently asked to follow up on the work of other pest control companies, which we refuse to do. Your receipt will explain how to call us back. If you fail to do this we will assume we did not do the work you require retreating.

Terms of Trade

We try and keep red tape to a minimum but for avoidance of misunderstanding and all the unpleasantness that brings, these are our terms of trade. Engaging us to do any form of work for you indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1)      We do not offer credit terms except by prior arrangement.  For work which is completed in a single visit e.g. wasps’ nests, the account must be settled on site immediately upon completion of the job. For fixed price work which is spread out over a number of visits e.g. rats or mice then a 50% deposit is taken on the first visit and the balance on the final visit.  Where the job fee is on a per visit basis e.g. squirrel trapping, stage payments will be agreed at the start of the work.

2)      Where credit is agreed on jobs of less than £100 in value a £10.00 invoicing fee will be added.

3)      We accept payment by cash, cheque, Paypal, and direct bank credit. We can also accept Visa and Mastercard. Cheque payments greater than £100 are by prior agreement only.

4)      In the event that a cheque payment is dishonoured we will add a £10 administration fee, a further £10 for each follow up letter or phone call and £25 for each collection visit.

5)      Unless previously agreed our minimum call out charge is £25. If we are called out on a wild goose chase, e.g. wasps which turn out to be solitary bees, wasps’ nest not on your property or for any other reason whereby no work is necessary or possible, a minimum call out charge of £25.00 will apply.

6)      Jobs which are cancelled within 2 hours of the appointed time-slot will be subject to a minimum call out charge of £25. Jobs which require more than one technician to attend e.g. bed bugs, will be subject to a £100 charge if cancelled within 24 hours. Any materials we may have purchased for cancelled works must be paid for in full.

7)      Jobs which are unable to proceed due to customer’s inadequate preparation of property e.g. property not properly prepared for a flea treatment, will be charged at £50 per technician sent.

8)      If the customer is not at home when we arrive we will wait for a period of 10 minutes after which the minimum call out charge will be levied.

9)      Jobs which require us to collect and return keys to another address, e.g. an estate agency will be subject to an additional £1.00 per mile each way, minimum extra charge £5.00.

10)   If we are delayed on site for any reason not of our making, e.g. customer unable to find keys, customer not having means of payment ready, customer needing to ‘nip to the cash machine’ then we will charge £10 per ten minute delay or part thereof.

11)   You must inform us when making the initial call if there are any circumstances which may affect the safety of the work, e.g. bats on the premises, or if any other pest control company, including the local authority, have refused to carry out the work on safety grounds. If the work requires our technician to climb heights, for example a flat roof or scaffolding you MUST advise us of this when you call.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Fuel is very expensive. If we visit your home and it transpires that no work is possible or necessary then a £25 minimum call out charge applies unless we have agreed to a free survey by prior telephone agreement.

Calling us out indicates your agreement to these terms.

Thank you for your understanding.