Ninja Scroll – review – The Guardian

Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s classic manga takes another swipe at the mainstream 17 years after it first titillated western audiences with its brutal blend of sex and swordplay. Wandering ronin Jubei takes on the Eight Devils of Kimon – a posse of supernatural ninjas, whose ranks include a man with a wasp’s nest for a back, a woman made of snakes and a gay assassin who kills with electrified dental floss. It’s a whipcrack-quick race from one hallucinogenic foe to the next that glances across Japanese politics (the eight hope to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate by reintroducing guns to 17th-century Japan) but never lets reality get in the way of a hearty bout of blood-lettting. You can see echoes of Ninja Scroll in Kill Bill or even Scott Pilgrim. Hard to imagine Scott hacking his way through a horde with such gusto, though.

Ninja Scroll – review – The Guardian
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