More Wasps Buzzing Around This Summer –

An increased number of wasps this summer is keeping at least one local exterminator busy. Ken Perry, owner of Pied Piper Pest Control in Anchorage, says so far this season he has put poison on more than 100 wasp nests, compared to only about 25 last summer.

“When you have a heavy snow load like we had this winter then they’re just fine under there sleeping and waiting for the snow to go away until they can start going out and making nests again,” Perry says.

On Tuesday, he dealt with at least ten wasp nests. He pumps an insecticide powder onto nests that are higher up or hard to reach. For wasp nests underground, he suits up and digs the larvae out with his hands, and bags it to later poison. Since wasps are social insects, Perry says the worker wasps which are away from the nest, soon learn that their home is in danger. They will later return to the nest and the poison.

“I like wasps best because its more of a challenge. They’re the only ones that can get me back,” Perry says. “I enjoy the pests that I feel I’m giving the house owner or the business owner a relief.”

This summer, Perry has been stung about ten times.

“I prepare for the possibility. It’s just one of those things,you know. That’s why I don’t do it for free.”

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