Leland residents buzzing about proposed bee ordinance

First of all, there’s bee populations everywhere. Whether someone’s got a hive in their yard or not doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to their neighbors as long as you don’t go IN their yard and mess with the hive. The bees are not going to congregate around your property. They disperse widely. In fact, if you think about it, it’s likely that you don’t see any more bees on your plants than you did before they had the hives. It’s likely that there’s a whole lot more beekeeping around than you realize. Leland is not the urban city that you are likely familiar with, so realize this, quit whining, and understand that there are snakes, alligators, bees, wasps, moles, ‘possums and other wildlife that will be sharing your space.

You always have had a much bigger chance of getting stung by wasps (yellow jacket, typically), and that’s what gets most people when they say they got stung by a “bee”. Those are aggressive, and they build nests everywhere, and really won’t care about an ordinance.

“My wife is extremely allergic to bees,”…. You’d best make sure she has an epi-pen, because when a wasp stings her, she’s going to need it. If she really is that allergic, you would be advised to have her begin immunotherapy.

“I’ve got two dogs and if they get stung”….. If your dogs get stung by a bee or a wasp, you will likely have to do nothing. Most dogs have little to no reaction to insect bites. Your dogs ever find a fire ant mound? Some get swollen where they are bitten, and benedryl is their friend. Occasionally, a dog is allergic, and requires treatment. If you know that’s the case, you should already have an epi-pen – yes, there are dog appropriate dosages.

Also, the video shows a couple instances of exterminators treating wasps. What does that have to do with bees?

Leland residents buzzing about proposed bee ordinance
wasps stung – Yahoo News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo News Search Results

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