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waspThe AA’s Home Emergency Response Service is urging householders to make sure their home is protected from wasps.

The arrival of summer means a significant increase in wasp numbers with 43 per cent of people having reported to have found a wasps nest in their home according to research by the AA.

More than 37 per cent of people have found a wasps nest their loft or attic.

A further 28 per cent have found one in garden sheds, 23 per cent in wall cavities, and 12 per cent in their garages.

Head of the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service, Tom Stringer, said “Wasps nests are at best a nuisance, and at worst dangerous to those who live close by.

“Lots of people are scared when one wasp flies too close to them, let alone having a swarm invade your home.

“Traditionally, we’re busiest during the summer when wasps are most active, but finding a nest now before it’s well-established means you can get rid of it before it gets bigger and more problematic.”

He added attempts to remove a wasp nests is dangerous and should only be done by professionals.

“Although it’s almost impossible to avoid wasps altogether, there are some measures which can be taken to lessen the chances of them outstaying their welcome in your home.”

These include:

  • Wasps like sweet foods so try to keep sugary foods or drinks indoors and if you’re having a barbecue, keep food and drinks covered
  • Wasps tend to congregate around food sources. Buying a bin with a tight-fitting lid can stop them hanging around.
  • Wasps are territorial and won’t build nests where there’s another one close by or use an old one. Nests resemble paper, so try hanging up a crumpled paper bag where they’re likely to build.
  • Like many insects, wasps can squeeze into tiny gaps and then start a nest. Sealing gaps around eaves and so fit boards or cracks in walls should lessen the chance of wasps setting up their home in yours.
  • If you suspect that wasps can get in your loft but can’t see any gaps, you should spot tell-tale chinks of daylight from small holes.Wasps really like flowers, so if you wear bright colours and heavy perfume they may mistake you for one.
  • If you spot a wasps nests in your home contact your Home Emergency cover provider to deal with it professionally.

Householders warned against tackling wasp nests – Maidenhead Advertiser
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