Hornets Hide Out in Woman’s Front Yard – KRIS Corpus Christi News

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CORPUS CHRISTI — A local woman said, maintenance workers at her home spotted a huge hornet nest in her front yard tree Thursday. The woman, Pat Dziadek called vector control immediately.

“There’s a big bag of bees that you have over there, that’s how I found out about,” Pat said. “Luckily those guys spotted the nest. If it wouldn’t have been for them I wouldn’t have known that the bees were in the tree.”

But they weren’t bees like Pat thought. Once Vector Control arrived to tend to the nest and said it’s was a Mexican Hornets nest.

“I still don’t even want to get stung by a hornet,” Pat said.

Vector Control assured everyone the nest wasn’t aggravated so the hornets weren’t dangerous but Pat still kept her distance and worried about the safety of her neighbors.

“If the wind starts blowing and it would fall, there are small children here in the neighborhood. There’s a lot of people that walk and use the sidewalk and they walk their dogs and everything,” she said.

Vector Control initially sprayed the nest with wasp and hornet killer, they’re going to come back Friday to cut the nest down. They said, there’s know telling how long the nest has been up there. However, it was about a 2 feet long, quite a bit larger than your average nest.

Pat said, she’s happy the nest is under control and glad no one was stung.

Hornets Hide Out in Woman’s Front Yard – KRIS Corpus Christi News
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