Honey Bee Swarms For Sale

Honey Bee Swarms For Sale: We are pest controllers based in the North West. We are now entering the honeybee swarming period of the year and we collect these swarms and sell them on to beekeepers.

The wet summer of 2012 and the prolonged winter of 2013 has seen many beekeepers lose many of their hives and fresh honeybee swarms are at a premium this year as supply will not match demand.

We collect honeybee swarms throughout Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside and we are able to make these available to beekeepers and prospective beekeepers.

Obviously we have no idea when swarms will be available or where, so you must be available to collect the swarm from us at short notice, either from our HQ or anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Manchester.

Naturally we cannot predict the size of swarms or the nature of the Honeybee Queen and they may occur on any day of the week and at any time.

The swarm will be placed inside a box and wrapped but naturally we need to move the swarm on as quickly as possible so you must be available at short notice to collect it.

We charge £75.00 for a normal sized (prime) honeybee swarm and £55.00 for a smaller (secondary) swarm.

Honey Bee Swarms For Sale

Honey Bee Swarms For Sale

Occasionally we get a mega swarm as in the photo on the right which are effectively entire colonies and for these we charge £125.

We cannot guarantee which size you will offered but you will be told the size of the swarm before you come to collect.

Naturally we offer no warranty as to the viability or survival of the colony, once taken there are no refunds for any reason whatsoever as these matters are entirely outside our control.

To register an interest and book your swarm you need to pay a £25 deposit and you will be placed on the waiting list, in the event that we are unable to offer you a swarm within 2 months of registering then your deposit will be refunded. The balance is to be paid in cash on collection, a receipt will be issued.

Swarms will be offered strictly in order of registration and are expected to begin almost immediately at the time of writing, 29th May 2013.

Pay your £25 deposit using the PayPal button below and give us your phone number in the PayPal comments box. You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your place in the queue.

Honey bee swarms will be much in demand this summer so reserve yours now.

Pay your deposit for your honey bee swarm using the button below.

Honey Bee Swarms For Sale

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