Here’s How The Chinese Deal With Wasps – Business Insider

This video of the Chinese army using military flamethrowers to take down a five-foot-wide wasp’s nest supposedly comes from the village of Jiangjin Tsx Wan Yuen Tsuen. The colony of wasps was unreachable (it was about 100 feet off the ground, in a camphor tree according to LiveLeak) by another other means, the report says, and had been terrorizing the local village, killing one person.

They couldn’t cut down the tree, because there were homes and power lines to either side. So, “two fire fighters and three People’s Liberation Army soldiers were put on anti-bee suits and chemical warfare suits.” It took about ten minutes of blowtorching, but the nest fully disintegrated leaving ashes and fiery bits along the forest and “the villagers applauded and shouted happy.”

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Here’s How The Chinese Deal With Wasps – Business Insider
wasp nest – Google News
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