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Solitary wasps include cicada killer wasp, cricket hunter wasps and mud daubers. Cicada killer wasps dig galleries underground in lawns, gardens and flower beds where the adult wasp lays eggs for her young.The cricket hunter wasps also live underground and primarily spend their time searching for crickets. After finding a cricket, they sting and capture the cricket and carry it to their nest laying a single egg on the victim eventually hatching and developing into an adult wasp.

Mud daubers build small tube-like nests of mud under the eaves of homes, in attics and other storage areas. Mud daubers primarily feed on spiders, including the brown recluse spider.

While most wasp species are considered a beneficial insect, in some instances they can cause injury to humans. Preventive measures around the outside of the home, barn or work area can reduce where they build their nests. Seal off openings under the eaves of roofs, attics, garages, storage sheds, barns, in open-ended pipe pens and a variety of other protected sites. Identification is important to determine if you have social or solitary wasp species around the home.

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Remember, social wasps will defend their nest and solitary wasps rarely sting humans.

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Helpful Tips On Dealing With Wasp Problems – Tyler Morning Telegraph
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