Health and Safety Policy

We at the Waspman would like to explain some of our policies which impact both your safety and insurance coverage and ours.

There are occasions when our technician may refuse to do something at the time, or in the manner you expect, this is why:

Unsafe working environments

We will always ensure that we take into account the safety of yourself, your children and your pets when we are working on your property. Please follow the advice our technician gives you with regard to keeping away from the area they are working in.

This is particularly important if we have to bring equipment and insecticides through your home. We will always avoid doing this if possible, however sometimes there is no choice. Tripping over a family pet is the quickest way to injury and spillage, so we will always ask you to shut pets away and refuse to enter your property until this is done.

Please remember that we will be moving from your home to other people’s, so issues such as dog mess in your garden are not just unpleasant for our technician, once on equipment and/or  shoes they can be taken from house to house. Our technician is within his or her rights to refuse to work where cleaning up is required.

Please do not expect our technician to ‘hop over’ gates, walls or fences. We do not expect them to do this and they will refuse.

Working at heights

Most of our technicians are not insured to climb ladders or scaffolding. This keeps our costs down and thus, our prices to you. With modern lightweight extensible equipment it is most unusual to encounter a problem, even at roof level, that cannot be solved efficiently from the ground. Even with a difficult-to-reach site, our technician will try to solve your problem from the ground in the first instance.

Ladders: In a situation where ladder work is the only answer, we may have to organise a two-man climbing team for  you, which may cost more than our advertised price for the work. In this case our technician will attempt to gain a quote and an appointment for you while on the premises. Since all our technicians (including the boss!) are on the road all day we may have to get back to you. We will always extend the opportunity to call around for a better price if you are not happy with our quote for a climbing team.

Our technician is not insured or authorised to climb any ladder/s belonging to you.

Scaffolding: We are not insured to climb your scaffolding. If your property already has scaffolding up at the point of the problem you must make us aware of this. We will ask you if the wasps/bees entrance point is visible from the ground. Frequently we can work around the scaffolding but please do not expect the technician on site to climb it. If the work must be done from a height and your builders are available, we can sometimes enlist their help but, of course, they are entitled to refuse.

We may have to organise a climber for you, which would have to be done in conjunction with your builders to ensure we don’t attend when they have taken the access ladder away. This is likely to take some time to arrange, we will do our best to sort the issue out as quickly as possible for you, however please understand that the technician on site has no control over insurance issues.

If we send a climber for scaffolding there are some safety demands we will make. Ladders must be bolted, not tied, entry points must be gated and footboards fitted. We will discuss these with your builders.

If a job requires scaffolding to be erected we will gain a quote from the company we regularly use, who understand our requirements. You are naturally free to reject this quote but we will need to liaise with your chosen company to ensure that our safety rules are followed.

Entering attics and lofts

We are not insured to enter your loft unless it is adequately lit and boarded. There is rarely a need to work in your loft, even if you can see a nest on the inside it is safer and more efficient to work from outside the property. Please understand that out technician will always try to do this first.

If a nest is impossible to reach from the outside, our technician may check to see whether it is treatable from your access hatch. We will always try to solve the problem on the spot in the simplest manner possible, however we do not expect our technician to crawl along rafters, in a suit which reduces visibility, carrying equipment. If they go through your ceiling, nobody is insured.

You will encounter companies with different expectations and safety policies. We aim to be the cheapest, the most efficient and the safest. These restrictions crop up very rarely, if they do, we will always work with you to solve the problem, however we understand if you choose to use another company. Thank you for your cooperation.