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Large Beeswarm
Large Beeswarm

As we drive around the North West in a van declaring that we kill wasps on all sides, people often ask us about bees.

Do we kill bees? Or do we move them out of harm’s way?

The answers to these questions, which you will know if you have looked at our Wasps, Bees or Hornets page, are, ‘only if we have no choice’ and ‘if possible’.

When honeybees swarm, it is often practical to take them away from the place they have chosen to settle, and to re-home them with a beekeeper.

(Sometimes they have already set up residence in a chimney or cavity wall,  in which case they are impossible to move without demolishing the house. If we have no choice but to destroy a honeybee colony we take great care to ensure that no other local bees are harmed.)

We used to give swarms of honeybees away but in 2012 we began to keep bees at home!

You can read the story of how Harrier Pest Prevention became accidental beekeepers here.

The Reward - Honey
The Reward – Honey

During 2013 we were able to take the first honey from our very own hive, and most delicious it was. The 20 half pound jars from that initial season disappeared quickly as we handed out samples to family and friends to taste, in fact some of it crossed the Atlantic to become Christmas gifts in Ontario, Canada!

The verdict is in. Harrier honey is good stuff. This year we hope to harvest much more honey from our hive. (Always leaving enough for the bees!) We will be carrying some jars on the working vans that cover your area, so if you call us out for any kind of a pest problem, ask us if we have any Harrier Honey on board.

Our jars of the best, raw, multi-floral, local honey will retail at:

1/2 lb jar: £2.75
1 lb jar: £5

Try some! Not only will you be helping your local honeybees to survive, you’ll have tangible proof that Harrier Pest Prevention really love bees.




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