Farmer attacked by wasps thought she would die

A Taumarunui sheep farmer faced a 45 minute walk to safety after being stung by thousands of wasps in a remote rural area.

Janet Kellan, 56, was today discharged from Taumarunui Hospital following her life-threatening ordeal.

She was attacked by “thousands and thousands” of wasps after standing on a super nest yesterday.

“I had a blue polar fleece on and that was covered,” she told Seven Sharp from her hospital bed.

“They were stinging me through that, they were stringing me through my shorts.”

Ms Kellan was forced to take off her polar fleece which was covered in thousands of wasps.

“That’s when I rolled on the ground to try and get rid of them and they were in my bra they were, in my underpants, they were everywhere.”

She says she thought she would not make it out alive.

“I didn’t want to lie there because I knew the wasps would eat me and then once the wasps had a go the flies would have been at me and then the pigs would have come along…so it wasn’t a good ending.”

Ms Kellan then made a gruelling 45 minute walk home suffering from wasps stings.

Once home, she was able to call emergency services and was flown to Taumarui Hospital where she spent last night.

Farmer attacked by wasps thought she would die
wasps stung – Yahoo News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo News Search Results

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