Dundee schoolboy stung 16 times by wasps

A schoolboy was taken to hospital after being stung 16 times by a swarm of wasps.

Kieron Martin was playing with pals near his Ardler home in Dundee when he unknowingly stumbled across the nest.

The furious insects chased the eight-year-old back into his house, to the shock of his parents.

Kieron’s dad Brian said: “The nest was in a garden.They were just playing hide and seek, and he must have disturbed it somehow.

“He was playing with three pals. I think they were OK, but I was just bothered about Kieron.”

Brian said the first he knew of Tuesday evening’s attack was when his son ran into the house yelling in pain.

The 44-year-old said: “He came in screaming his head off — they were in his hair. I thought it was just the one, but they were up his jumper and everything.

“His mum was almost hysterical as well. I was trying to take his clothes off and kill a few of the wasps.”

Even after he ran away from the nest, the wasps continued to attack Kieron all over his body.

Brian added: “He was stung 16 times — they stung him on his back, chest, neck and hands. It was the first time he had been stung by a wasp.”

Kieron’s mum Carol, 48, said: “It was really scary. It was like something out of a horror movie — they were crawling out of his clothes.”

Brian and Carol quickly looked for medical help.

Brian said: “We called NHS direct and they advised we get him to the hospital and get him checked out. My wife took him up to Ninewells. He was OK in the car, but he was a bit feverish.

“He got a course of antibiotics and we kept him off school. He’s sore and is trying to sleep it off.”

Tuesday’s unexpected trip was also Kieron’s first time in casualty.

Carol said that the physical effects have started to heal, and added: “The welts have gone down quite well.

“But he’s been scouring the place to see if there’s wasps around, so there’s obviously a fear.”

Kieron said he had been having “funny thoughts” about the bugs flying out of drains since his traumatic experience.

Dundee schoolboy stung 16 times by wasps
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results
wasps stung – Yahoo! News Search Results

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