Doctors Seeing More Deadly Bug Allergies – News Channel 7

Roy Wolfe had no idea that a sting from a small wasp could land him in the back of an ambulance.

“I dialed 911 and by the time the ambulance got there I was on the floor in serious trouble,” Roy Wolfe said.

Wolfe lost consciousness and was unable to breathe. 

“They worked on me for about 30 or 40 minutes before they were able to put me in the ambulance and take me to the hospital,” Wolfe said.

Allergist Dr. John Pulcini says the mild winter caused a bug explosion.

He adds the bug’s food source is scarce making them more aggressive.

That means they’re more likely to bite you.

Pulcini’s office has been filled with patients who have had bad reactions to bees, wasps and fire ants.

“Very commonly someone will mow right over a hill of fire ants or yellow jackets and then there very aggressive,” Dr. Pulcini said. 

We asked how you know when a bite or sting goes from being annoying and itchy to deadly.

“It could be skin, which involves hives all over, it could be respiratory which involves coughing wheezing, it could be cardio vascular which involves the heart and low blood pressure, and sometimes it can even be neurological where someone feels like they are going to faint,” Dr. Pulcini said. 

If your one of the people with a deadly allergy there are treatments out there.

Wolfe gets bee and wasp venom shots every two weeks from his doctor, to help build resistance to the stings. 

“I’ve been stung twice since I’ve been taking the shots and have had very mild reactions so its working for me,” Wolfe said.

On doctors orders Wolfe is now prepared always carrying antihistamine and a life saving EpiPen.

“I don’t want the ambulance again,” Wolfe said.

Doctors Seeing More Deadly Bug Allergies – News Channel 7
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