CCTV cameras become wasp nests – E Kantipur


The CCTV cameras installed at different places at the district headquarters in Parasi have turned into safe haven for wasps and birds due to negligence. 

It has been long since these cameras stopped functioning but the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to this. They have not been repaired for more than one and half years now. 

The cameras were installed through the joint aegis of the District Police Office and the Nawalparasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Wasps have built nest on some of the CCTV cameras while still more have been turned into birds´ nests. A few of the CCTV cameras have broken. It is said some of these devices had stopped functioning less than six months from the date they were installed.  

The district chamber of commerce and industry had installed the cameras at a cost of approximately Rs 1.2 million. Criminal incidents like theft, robbery had reduced in Parasi after the installation of the CCTV camers. 

It had also become useful to the police to monitor activities in the town and maintain security, according to police.

Posted on: 2013-12-06 12:39

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