Call Back Request

If we have treated a wasps’ or bees’ nest for you and the treatment has failed we will revisit free of charge to treat the nest a second time but please read the following thoroughly before requesting a call-back in order to avoid a call out charge.


Please ensure that wasps are still flying in and out of the same hole as previously. If wasps are not flying in and out then the nest is dead and there is nothing more that we can do. Please note it is perfectly normal to get dying wasps appearing in the house for up to three weeks after the treatment, sometimes in substantial numbers and there is nothing we can do about this.

If we are called back to a wasps’ nest which is not active there will be a £25.00 call out charge.

Tree Bumble Bees

The bees which are swirling around the entrance to the nest are all males from nearby nests looking for emerging queens and they may continue to visit your nest for up to ten days or more after the nest has been treated. Males are stingless and therefore harmless.  A call-back is only required if  bees are seen entering and leaving the nest. You must leave it a full ten days before requesting a call back.

If we are called back to a bees’ nest which is not active there will be a £25.00 call out charge.

If you are satisfied that a call-back is necessary then please complete the form below and we will telephone you to arrange an appointment.

We will contact you within 48 hours and revisit within 4 days, weather permitting.

All sections MUST be completed or we will not attend. Please remember if there are no wasps or bees flying in and out when we attend you will be charged £25 so PLEASE ensure that the insects are still using the nest to avoid this charge.

Call Back Request

Request a revisit to a previously treated nest