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The lack of rain and hot temperatures are causing more problems than just for farmers. Wasps are being found everywhere from the lakes to parks and your home.

Thanks to a mild winter the queens of the wasp nests survived, and the dry weather is helping those nests thrive.

It is what you cannot see that becomes the problem. Typically when people think of wasps, they think of a giant nest up in a tree or in their bushes. But most of the nests are hidden under places like concrete or siding.

If you have tried using spray you can get at hardware stores you may have found it ineffective because of this. 

They pop up quickly. Homeowner Tracy Nephew says, “A couple weeks ago there was just a few. In the last week though, it’s gotten to be pretty excessive.”

She says she cannot let her son out the front door because she scared of the bees.

That is where Scott Larson, owner of Advantage Pest Control comes in. He has seen a significant rise in the number of calls for wasps this summer usually after people try other treatments.

Larson says 95 percent of the nests he takes care of are hidden, so sprays you can find at hardware stores will typically only work if you can see a visible nest.

Once treated, Larson says activity around the nest will disappear in one to two days.

At that point homeowners like Tracy need to seal the holes the wasps used as entrances and exits to the nest. 

Larson says the best way to do that is some silicon sealant. If you do not seal the holes, wasps could come back and use the nest.

Wasp calls are not the only ones exterminators are getting. They have also been getting several for spiders and rodents.

Again, that is due to the hot weather.

Attack of the Wasps – Valley News Live
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