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SAN SEBASTIAN DE LA GOMERA, Spain — A nearly 22-foot wasp nest was discovered in an abandoned Spanish home recently after concerned neighbors contacted authorities about the home.

When authorities reached the home, located in a town on the Canary Islands, they found a 21-foot-9-inch wasp nest and millions of wasps, according to the French Tribune. A closer examination of the wasps found they are not a traditional species, but rather an invasive species that migrated from Africa.

The Canary Islands are located about 60 miles off the coast of the southern border of Morocco.

The house was cordoned off by authorities, who are trying to find the owners and determine what to do with the millions of wasps in the home. They have so far been unable to locate the owners.

Bees and wasps have been known to create spectacles locally, as well. A Tooele family was surprised in April 2012 to find a cloud of bees swarming their yellow Chevy Cobalt one afternoon. According to the family, a queen had decided to land on the vehicle and was followed by the swarm.

Migrating bees created a spectacle in an Orem family’s backyard in May when the massive swarm decided to follow its queen to a tree branch.

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22-foot wasp nest found in Spanish home – ksl.com
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