22-foot wasp nest found in Spain and also our nightmares – msnNOW

Wasps are the devil. They don’t make honey, they just ruin people’s days with their awful stingers and bad attitude. Which is why we’re terrified of this photo. That is a 21-foot, 9-inch wasp nest found in an abandoned house in San Sebastian de la Gomera, Spain. It’s so big that neighbors called the cops to investigate, alerted by either the horrible buzzing noise or the sheer malevolent vibrations emanating from it. (Fun “fact”: The buzzing of wasps, when translated to human, is nothing but racial slurs, profanity and threats.) These wasps are believed to be part of an invasive species that migrated from Africa, which means they’re spreading. Boy are we unsettled by this. [Source]

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22-foot wasp nest found in Spain and also our nightmares – msnNOW
wasp nest – Google News
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